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Windows ReadyBoost

What is Readyboost?

The best way to improve your PC’s performance is to add additional RAM (System Memory). However, adding additional RAM is costly and can be difficult as you need to open up your PC, make sure you purchase the correct type of RAM, as well as making sure you have enough empty memory slots to place the RAM into.


To bypass all this Microsoft have introduced a new feature in Windows Vista called ReadyBoost. ReadyBoost allows you to simply plug a USB flash memory device into a high speed USB port (USB 2.0) and use it as a cache or virtual memory.  Although not as fast as RAM it still delivers a performance increase as it is much faster to cache to the USB device than caching to your hard disk, speeding up your system and enhancing overall performance.  The USB flash memory device acts as a fast store for frequently accessed data, the average random 4K read from a flash device is about ten times faster than accessing the same information from the hard drive.


What do I need to use Ready Boost?

Using ReadyBoost is easy, all you need is a PC running Windows Vista, a free high speed USB port (USB 2.0) and a compatible USB flash memory device. When you plug-in the USB flash memory device, Windows Vista will check to see if it is compatible. Once it has confirmed the memory device is compatible with ReadyBoost, Windows Vista will ask if you want to use the device to speed up system performance.


You can also use high speed SD memory Cards instead of a USB drive if you have a SD memory card reader.


View detailed instructions on how to use ReadyBoost


Ensuring Your USB flash memory device is compatible

The trickiest part of using ReadyBoost is buying a USB flash memory device that is ReadyBoost compatible. Older USB flash memory devices are generally not compatible because they are to slow, and even a lot of the newer ones are not compatible.  Added to this is the fact that most retailers don’t tell you if the USB flash memory device you are buying is ReadyBoost compatible.


This is where we can help. We have compiled a list of the best performing USB flash memory devices and SD Cards that are 100% ReadyBoost compatible and found the cheapest places to buy them, allowing you to purchase flash memory device at the cheapest price that will be guaranteed to work with ReadyBoost.

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